Artisan provides one-click configurations for more than 60 roaster brands representing over 130 different hardware configurations.

Control! Machine control (incl. heater, air flow, drum speed, …) via buttons and sliders allowing for automation is currently supported by machines of Aillio, Atilla, Besca, Caparaó, Carmomaq, Coffed, Coffee Machines Sale, Coffee Tech, Coffeetool, Cogen, Giesen, Hottop, iRm, Joper, Kaleido, Kirsch & Mausser, Kuban, Mill City Roasters, NOR, Nordic, Probat, Prometheus, San Franciscan, Santoker, Sivetz and Twino/Ozstar.


The following manufacturers have supported the Artisan project financially within the past 2 years.

Support! Roaster manufactures often make component changes or substitutions while manufacturing their roasters. Such changes could cause your roaster to differ from the predefined setup. If you encounter a problem setting up your roaster you should first contact your roaster manufacturer for support and ask them to inform us on such changes. The Artisan project runs on donations from individuals and companies that recognize the value of Artisan for their work or leisure. Your time is valuable, please respect that ours is too. Before asking the Artisan team for support please consider making a generous contribution.