• Producer: Probat, Germany
  • Machines:
    • Probatone Series II 5Kg/12Kg/25Kg with software option
      • small touch display (Wago PLC)
      • 7” touch display (Beckhof PLC)
    • P Series (Sample Roaster, 1kg/5kg/12kg/25kg)
    • UG15/UG22 retro, G45 retro, and G Series machines with networked PLC
  • Connection: MODBUS TCP, Siemens S7 or WebSocckets via the network
  • Features:
    • logging of environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT), air pressure and related rate-of-rise curves
    • control of burner level, drum- and fan speed
custom event buttons


  • ET is not available on Series II machines with the small touch screen and an option for the other machines
  • pressure sensor, drum- and fan speed control are options for the machines with 7” touchpad
  • the Series II 7” setup as well as the P Series setup define 3 configurations that can be switched via the command key plus a number key.
    • CMD-1: defines only a slider for burner control
    • CMD-2 (default): adds a second slider for drum speed control
    • CMD-3: adds a third slider for fan speed control
  • the air pressure LCD & Curve are hidden by default, but can be made visible by ticking the Curve2/LCD2 flags of the first extra device entry (menu Config » Device, tab Extra Devices)
  • you might need to update your Probatones firmware to the latest version via Probat to enjoy all features

Watch out! Artisan doesn’t monitor unsafe temperatures, so you should never leave the roaster alone.

Watch out! On network problems with a Probatone II with Wago PLC and small touch panel: The small touch panel of the Wago based machines has the fixed IP address Thus on networks running on 192.168.2.x usually the routers IP address is and thus clashes with that internal displays address. Solution: choose an address range for your network different too 192.168.2.x as advised in the roasters manual.

Energy Ratings

Model Source Burner (kW) Motor (kW)
Probatone 5 LPG/NG 13.86 1.2
Probatone 12 LPG/NG 28 1.5
Probatone 25 LPG/NG 55 2.8
P05 III LPG/NG 13.86 1.2
P05 III Elec 17 1.2
P12 III LPG/NG 28 1.5
P25 III LPG/NG 55 2.8
UG 15 LPG/NG 55 4
UG 25 LPG/NG 80 4
G45 LPG/NG 145 10
G60 LPG/NG 160 13
G75 LPG/NG 200 13
G90 LPG/NG 230 15
G120 LPG/NG 280 15