• Producer: Diedrich, USA
  • Machines: All IR- and CR-series machines equipped with the 4 or 6 Sensor Data Logging option
  • Connection: USB
  • Features 4 Sensor Data Logging Package:
    • logging of bean temperature (BT)
    • logging of drum exhaust
    • logging of total exhaust
    • logging of inlet temperature
  • Features 6 Sensor Data Logging Package:
    • all of the 4 Sensor Data Logging Package
    • logging of fuel percentage (Power 0-100%)
    • logging of air dampener (Roast Air)
  • DR Series:
    • logging of bean temperature (BT)
    • logging of exhaust temperature (ET)
    • logging of inlet temperature
    • logging of burner power (0-100%)
    • logging of air fan speed (0-100%)

Watch out! The datalogging on Diedrich maschines is build around Phidgets. Ensure you have the latest Phidgets driver v22 for your platform (e.g. Windows, macOS or Linux) installed.