• Producer: KIRSCH + MAUSER, Germany
  • Machines: UG15/UG22 retro, G45 retro, and G Series machines with networked PLC
  • Connection: Siemens S7 network via the network
  • Features:
    • logging of environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT) and related rate-of-rise curves
    • logging of inlet temperature (IT), burner level, air flow, gas and drum pressure, and drum speed
    • on machines with PLC firmware version 2 or better all available actors like burner, drum speed, air flow, feeder, discharge/release doors, etc. can be controlled via sliders and buttons as well as automated actions (alarms, event replay, PID controller)
custom event buttons

Energy Ratings

Model Source Burner (kW) Motor (kW)
UG 15 LPG/NG 55 4
UG 25 LPG/NG 80 4
G45 LPG/NG 145 10
G60 LPG/NG 160 13
G75 LPG/NG 200 13
G90 LPG/NG 230 15
G120 LPG/NG 280 15