• Producer: Coffee-Tech Engineering Ltd., Israel
  • Machine: FZ-94 Lab Roaster, Ghibli 15/30/45/60/90, and Ghibli Firewood, Silon ZR7
  • Connection:
    • FZ-94/Ghibli: MODBUS RTU via USB-2-RS485 interface; requires the installation of a serial driver
    • Silon ZR7 (touch): MODBUS TCP via network connection
  • Features: logging of environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT), drum temperature (DT), set value (SV), fan speed and drum speed.


  • the Ghibli series machines do not feature an environmental temperature sensor and report the drum temperature on the Artisan ET channel.
  • the setup defines 2 configurations that can be switched via the command key plus a number key.
  • The drum heat limit can also be controlled via an SV slider by ticking Control in the device setup (menu Config » Device)