• Producer: The San Franciscan Roaster Company, USA
  • Machines: all roasters with a Watlow PM6 (requires the EIA 485 Modbus RTU option)
  • Connection: MODBUS RTU via USB; requires the installation of a serial driver
  • Features:
    • logging of environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT) and related rate-of-rise curves
    • gas control on machines produced after 8/2019

To activate the gas control, press CMD-2 to switch to the second palette which defines the slider to set the gas. CMD-1 activates the setup without the gas control slider.

Energy Ratings

Model Source Burner (BTU/h) Burner (kW)
SF-1 (0.4kg) LPG/NG 10000 2.93
SF-6 (2.7kg) LPG/NG 30000 8.79
SF-10 (4.5kg) LPG/NG 50000 14.65
SF-25 (11.3kg) LPG/NG 100000 29.31
SF-75 (34kg) LPG/NG 300000 87.92