• Producer: Carmomaq, Brazil
  • Machines: machines with MODBUS support
  • Connection: MODBUS RTU via serial connection or MODBUS TCP via the network
  • Features:
    • logging of environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT) and related rate-of-rise curves
    • logging and control of burner level (0-100%), drum speed (0-120%) and air flow (0-120%)
    • control of further actors
custom event buttons (legacy setups)
custom event buttons (2.0 setups)

Setup Notes

For machines produced in 8/2020 and later choose one of the following machine setups

  • Caloratto 2.0
  • Masteratto 2.0
  • Speciatto 2.0
  • Stratto 2.0

For Caloratto and Materatto machines produced before 8/2020 choose the Caloratto-Materatto_Legacy machine setup.

For older Stratto machines featuring Novus controls choose the machine setup Stratto_1.0_Serial_Novus.