• Producer: Wuhan Kaleido Technology Co.,Ltd, CN
  • Machines: New 2023 machine generation (Serial/Network) and legacy dual-system models (Legacy)
  • Connection: Serial via USB or Bluetooth; requires the installation of a serial driver and WiFi
  • Features: reads beans temperature (BT), environmental temperature (ET), ambient air temperature (AT), set value (SV), and heater/fan/drum settings. The setting allows to control the fan and heater levels as well as the drum speed via sliders and buttons.
custom event buttons

Watch out! Press CMD-2 to switch to the reduced button set; CMD-1 switches back to the full button set.

Watch out! The legacy settings do not apply for the Proversion. Please use the configuration file provided by the manufacturer for connecting those machines.

Watch out! The legacy settings of Artisan use a serial speed of 9600. Some of the newer legacy machines instead communicate at 57600 baud. Change the baudrate using menu Config >> Port to 57600 if needed.