• Producer: Toper, Turkey
  • Machines: all TKM-SX with networked PLC
  • Connection: MODBUS TCP via the network
  • Features: logging of environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT) and related rate-of-rise curves


The computer running Artisan must be on the same IP network as the Toper roaster which usually is configured to have IP Configure your computer to use a static IP address in the range 192.168.137.x (but with x different from that of the roaster which usually has 90), so for example, and set the subnet mask to This can be done on Windows using the Network Sharing Center by adding a TCP/IPv4 Local Area Connection with those properties. On OS X you set your Ethernet port in the Network Control panel to “IPv4: Manually” and fill in the IP and subnet mask accordingly.

Watch out! A video tutorial by Stuart Lee Archer of Pumphrey’s Coffee on Connecting a Toper TKM SX to Artisan Roaster Scope. Enjoy! Connecting a Toper TKM SX