• Producer: Coffeetool, Greece
  • Machines: R500/R3/R5/R15 with networked PLC
  • Connection: MODBUS TCP via the network
  • Features:
    • logging of environmental temperature (ET), bean temperature (BT) and related rate-of-rise curves
    • logging of burner temperature, burner level (0-100%), drum speed (0-100%) and air flow (0-100%)
    • some machines (at least the newer automatic models with Mitsubishi FX5 PLC) also allow the control of the burner level, drum speed and air flow using Artisan sliders and/or buttons
custom event buttons


The computer running Artisan must be on the same IP network as the Coffeetool roaster. Configure your computer to use a static IP address in the range of the roaster (192.168.1.x) but with x different from that of the roaster (which by default is Choose for example Set the subnet mask of your computers network setup to