Menu>File>Save Graph

Saving Profiles in various formats

You can save one graph under File>Save Graph. Multiple Artisan profiles can be converted into various other formats like CSV, PNG and PDF using File » Convert To. Select the intended output format from the corresponding submenu, then select the Artisan profiles to be converted, along with the destination directory.


Individual Roast Report

You can also run individual roast reports. These are useful for analyzing an individual roast. As they are static HTML page. Hard to screen shot all at once.

roast report 1roast report 2

Exporting Roast Reports and other data

Under File>Export, you can now export directly into Excel as well as Probat Pilot 1.4, Artisan CSV or JSON, or RoastLogger format. The reports now include ROR and special event data as well. Note that you can export your roast data and events using the “copy table” button on those tabs of Roast Properties.