Menu View » Readings turns on the small LCD panels on the right side that read the ET, BT and Delta BT and Delta ET (rate of rise). These are key readings you will use during the roast. Keyboard shortcuts vary by operating system and can toggle on and off the LCDs as well as full screen mode.

view readings

Alternatives for displaying the roast time, bean temperature (BT) and environmental temperature (ET) have been added for those, fighting with small screen sizes on their main roasting computer, but having a secondary screen available.

Large LCDs

An extra set of LCDs are available as an extra window (Tools » LCDs) that respect the color settings of the time/BT/ET LCDs from the main window. This window can moved to a second screen attached to the computer running Artisan and enlarged as needed. New LCD’s include Delta, PID and Extras.

extra lcds

Web LCDs

In case your second screen is not directly connected to your computer running Artisan you can start the WebLCDs server (Menu Config » Curves, UI tab), which essentially starts a Web server fueling a Web widgets showing the roast time, BT and ET LCDs. This Web widget can be displayed in any browser with access to the network the laptop running the Artisan app is connected too. You select a free port (eg. 8080) and tick the WebLCDs flag. Once the server is up and running it displays the URL under which the widget is accessible. That URL is also encoded in a QR code that can be used to quickly open that address in a mobile phone browser. If the Alarm Popup flag is ticked, popups generated by the Artisans alarm system are forwarded and displayed on the Web widget too. Note that this mechanism supports multiple clients.