Roast Properties Dialog

Menu: Roast>Properties

Under the Roast Properties, you can input many parameters for your current batch and you can choose a prior roast profile to run in the background.

roasting menus

When you enter the coffee bean name under title, it shows up on the graph. To save a profile for a particular roast, hit the + sign to the right of the name. You can add notes about the beans, as well as who the operator was, the roaster and the drum speed. With weight and volume entered, density can be calculated. You can note moisture as well if you know it. On the second tab Notes, you can add roasting and cupping notes. Events and Data are entered by Artisan throughout the roast.

roast properties

To reset the Properties you have to select the box “Delete roast properties on RESET” and then reset. You can also have the Properties box open on charge to remind you, mostly to at least, name your coffee.

Density calculations

Two blog posts on the density calculations here and here.

You need a beaker that is smaller than your batch size for this calculator. You will put in your unit of measurement at the top (say a 400ml beaker), and then you put in your pre and post roast weights to fill that measure of beans on the left. The calculator will return the density both pre and post roast using the actual pre and post grams. Once you know the density of the bean you are using there is shortcut. Assume you know the bean’s density you can enter the known density in the Density field within the roast properties, select the correct density weight (e.g. grams) and volume units (e.g. one liter – put 1 in the box). Put the cursor in the Volume field after putting in the weight and press the Enter key. Artisan will take the specified density and batch weight of the greens and compute the volume for you.