Artisan supports a large number of Phidgets that gather temperature and other data. It also supports Phidgets that can generate external output triggered by Artisan actions.

All Phidgets can be connected either directly via USB or remotely via network connection by using a Phidgets SBC as gateway. Phidgets don’t need any additional power supply.

There are Phidgets that feature a direct USB connection as well as the more recent VINT Phidgets that are connected via a VINT USB hub to the USB port. Some are electrically isolated and thus more resistant against electrical noise.

Any number of Phidgets, of one type or mixed types, can be used in combination with any of the other supported devices.

Watch out! The use of all Phidgets require the installation of the Phidgets v22 driver.

For more information read the posts Roasting with Phidgets and More Phidgets! on the Artisan blog

Temperature Input


All of these devices support J, K, E and T type thermocouples. The type of thermocouples used has to be configured in the Phidgets tab on the Artisan side (menu Config >> Device, Phidgets tab).

1 Channel

4 Channel


Resistive Thermal Devices

1 Channel

Watch out! The TMP1200 supports 2-, 3- and 4-wire PT100 and PT1000 RTDs to be connected directly. The type of RTD used has to be configured on the Artisan side (menu Config >> Device, Phidgets tab)

4 Channel

Watch out! The Phidget 1046 requires either a Voltage Divider or a Wheatstone Bridge to connect a RTD. The applied wiring has to be configured within Artisan (menu Config >> Device, Phidgets tab)


Single channel IR with integrated sensor

Analog/Digital Input & Output

Artisan can attach to all Phidgets IO ports. The input ports are configured as (extra) devices and are handled as temperature curves. Phidgets output can be activated via IO Command, PWM Command or VOUT Command button or slider actions configured in the Events tab (menu Config >> Events). Note that buttons and sliders themself can be triggered autoamtically via alarm actions.

Each output action supports a number of different commands specified in the Documentation field. See the post More Phidgets! for details.

RC Servo Controllers

Ambient Sensors

Artisan v1.4 adds support for the following ambient sensors that allow to automatically fill the room temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure data of roast profiles.

  • Phidget HUM1000 (VINT): Measure relative humidity from 0 to 100% and temperature from -40°C to +85°C
  • Phidget PRE1000 (VINT): Measure the absolute air pressures between 50 and 110 kPa