Artisan supports both, the Yocto Thermocouple and the Yocto PT100. Both connect directly via USB and do not need the installation of any additional driver.

Artisan can access Yoctopuce devices connected to a VirtualHub from remote via a network connection. Just enter the IP address of the virtual hub under menu Config >> Device, Yoctopuce tab.

Yoctopuce devices can be configured and tested using the VirtualHub.

Yocto Thermocouple

The Yocto Thermocouple offers two TC inputs supporting J, K, E, N, R, S and T type thermocouples.

Yocto PT100

The Yocto-PT100 can be used with PT100 probes using 2, 3 or 4 wires. The type of connection is setup in software. To reach the highest precision, a 4-wires probe should be used. 3-wires probes are reasonably precise and not too much affected by wire lengths, contrarily to 2-wires probes which are the least precise and very sensitive to wire length.

The Yocto-PT100 features a built-in galvanic isolation between the USB control part and the PT100 measure circuit. It is therefore possible to use non-isolated PT100 probes, which are often more reactive and less expensive.

Yoctopuce Temperature IR

The Yocto IR module features an infrared sensor and communicates as all other Yocto modules via a fast USB connection. The Emissivity factor of the material observed can be configured for this sensor under menu Config >> Device, in the Yoctopuce tab.

Yoctopuce Meteo

The Yocto Meteo board adds ambient data (temperature, pressure and humidity) automatically to each roast profile. Set the correct MASL for your location under menu ConfigĀ Ā» Device, Ambient tab and select this sensor from the popups.