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This extension is composed from the following 4 additional parts.

Ambient Modules Extension Set – Parts

Hardware Setup

Just plug-in each of the two ambient modules into a port on the HUB0000 using the VINT cables.

Ambient Modules Extension Set – Setup

Hardware Test

Test your hardware setup and driver installation using the Phidget Control Panel by following the instructions found in the user guide of the HUM1000 module and the user guide of the PRE1000 module.

Artisan Configuration

Start Artisan and select the menu

Config >> Machine >> Phidget >> VINT Ambient Modules
Ambient Modules Set – Artisan setup

Artisan will prompt you to enter the elevation in metres above sea level (MASL) for your location. This value is important to calculate the correct barometric pressure from the PRE1000 pressure sensor values.

To test the Artisan setup for the Ambient Modules set, just press ON and check if humidity, barometric pressure and ambient temperatures are correctly set in the Roast Properties dialog (menu Roast >> Properties) of Artisan.

Ambient Data in Artisan

Ambient data is also forwarded to the inventory service artisan.plus.

Ambient Data in artisan.plus

Watch out! Note that the Phidget Control Panel needs to be closed beforehand to allow Artisan to connect to the Phidget hardware as only one app at a time can communicate with the modules.