Marko got invited by Probat to join their POP UP series on YouTube. This one is on NORM ROAST, a protocol for determining emission levels and energy consumption of roasting machines.

In this live session, Marko reports why he initiated the NORM ROAST project and what the outcomes so far are. A recording of this session is available now on YouTube.

Marko travelled 2x700km to visit Probat using his electric car, which consumed about 192kWh of 100% renewable energy (~14kW/100km incl. charging losses). This is about the amount of energy needed to roast 3-4 bags of coffee with nowadays batch coffee roasting machines. By taking his BEV instead of an ICEV he saved about 213kg of CO2-equivalents on this trip at about 1/3 of the costs. Thanks to Probat for that extra charge!

Definition of a NORM ROAST (Probat)
Thursday, Mar 17 | 2 pm CET    on    and